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Dermora™ - Foot Peel Mask (2 pairs)

Dermora™ - Foot Peel Mask (2 pairs)

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Upgrade Your At-Home Pedicure Game

Our at-home foot peel kit will change the way you take care of your toes at home. 

Foot creams and epsom salt can only do so much for your cracked heels and dry skin. When you need to reveal the baby-soft skin beneath, you can trust this gentle foot exfoliant to do the job.

The Dermora™ foot peel mask is easier than your DIY foot peel and more affordable than heading to the salon. 

Simply slip on our foot peel pedicure booties and sit back and relax as your feet soak up all the goodness from our custom botanical blend.

Gentle Exfoliation

If you have extremely cracked, calloused feet don’t reach for a pumice stone or foot file. While these seem like the quick solution for getting rid of dead skin, they can actually be doing more harm than good.

Pumice stones and files don’t distinguish between dead and healthy skin. That means you can be scraping off layers of healthy skin and increasing the risk of cuts and irritation. Plus, these tools can be a breeding ground for bacteria if you’re not properly cleaning them. 

A single-use pedi peel delivers the deep hydration and gentle exfoliation your feet need to reveal the soft skin beneath.

 The mix of AHA + BHA Botanical Blend effortlessly dissolves dead skin and exfoliates rough patches in the most gentle way without irritating healthy skin. 

What To Expect From A Foot Peel Mask

A peeling foot mask is different from your average pedicure. 

Your feet will soak in all the goodness from our pedi peel and may feel softer to the touch after use. However, it’s in the following days and weeks that the real magic happens.

In the days after using our peeling foot mask, you will notice patches of your calloused skin painlessly falling off. This process can take a few days to a couple of weeks until you’re left with incredibly soft, smooth skin.

If you’re planning a getaway or beach day you want your feet to look picture-perfect for, it’s recommended to use our at-home foot peel kit at least three weeks in advance. 

Treat Your Toes

As you can see, it’s never been easier to give yourself an at-home pedicure than with help from our foot peel mask.

After the exfoliation process is complete, you can complement your silky smooth feet with delightful nail colors. Or, let your skin be the star this summer and opt for a neutral topcoat for your toes.

No matter what you choose, your toes will thank you for the VIP treatment!

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